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1 , Seagull Table Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is Tianjin watch as the main body , the sixteen watch professional production companies and four joint venture composed of conglomerates . Group Total Assets : best replica watches swiss 967,470,000 yuan , the Group's total registered employees : 9955 people . Enterprises are now products to manufacture mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watch , specialty watches ( including architecture bell ) and defense machinery timing products , precision machining and pr essing facilities and other electronic devices composed of a diversified range of products . 1955 China 's first watch in Tianjin Replica Watches after the birth , the enterprise was set up and record breaking Chinese national watch industry milestone ; China 's first electronic watch only the first only independent ( self- ) design and manufacture of mechanical watches ( wind meter ) and the first one in line with international standards of the female form etc. born here. Meanwhile , Hong Kong China , Tianjin watch factory into a table row with the union to create China's first export only watch ( Seagull table ) . Today, seagull watches brand is still the only place in the state-owned domestic watch market. Since then, the multi-level, multi-species two series ( men, women ) single , dual calendar automatic mechanical watches nearly 100 kinds of products continue to enrich the company's technical reserves and the primary product system , corporate and award-winning products . 2 , Rossini July 1984 , as the Chinese watch industry , a joint venture established in the first , Rossini with $ 3.1 million , under the watch of the economic background of the birth of oversupply . Early days , the company introduced a full set of processing gold-plated Replica Watches case Swiss equipment and processing technology , relying on advanced technology to produce high-end watch case and abroad to support , and in the country pioneered Replica Watches the shaped waterproof case to become the leading domestic production of high-end case business. 1988 production of Rossini 's gold-plated case was confirmed in Guangdong Province , " to produce jacking " products, 1095,5014 type gold-plated case by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Product Award ; April 1991 round , shaped gilded table shell won the Beijing second Exposition. Rossini was quickly occupied so are the gaps in the case of high-end market , and achieved good economic benefits. Since 1990, the Company under the watch market conditions change , the timely adjustment of product structure, from simple case into a large-scale production of high-grade production into the table , and to strengthen further the development of the " Rossini " brand . Its personalized style Replica Watches design, excellent quality, superior performance quickly Rossini has a year to expand market share. In just a few years time, Rossini had grown from a single product , " plant -based " case processing watchmaking company has developed into a professional design capabilities and become Zhuhai City, the only two state enterprises in 1991 . 5 , King of the table King of the table is to create brand founded by Mr. Dong Guanming in August 1988 , is a listed company in Singapore , Hong Kong watch giant Weiming Group under the command of a wholly owned subsidiary. King of the table today, the company headquarters is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Longhua . Swiss company introduced advanced equipment and first-class quality , first-class service for the purpose, with a number of senior designer sharp market reach and extraordinary Best Replica Watches Store creativity, the perfect combination of modern watchmaking , designed to Replica Watches produce a series of 18K gold , all tungsten steel series , tungsten steel series , steel series , multi- sports series , automatic machinery series, women's watches fashion series , precision ceramic and environmental kinetic series and other series of hundreds of styles of watches . 6 , Hongyuan table Zhangzhou Hongyuan Watch Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 , is a joint venture. The spirit of " innovation, brand , rise beyond the" spirit of enterprise and "quality creates brand , technology and create the future " concept of development , the company 's staff cohesion , highlighting the features, the pursuit of excellence ! After ten years of unremitting efforts , by a single assembly, processing watches can develop into independent research and production of movement , case, face , strap and packaging of well-known watch manufacturer , but also a set of research , production, sales in one, with Hyundai Group 's complete industrial chain.

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